lundi 23 janvier 2017

Communiqué de l'Apf


Dear friends,

Last year was in many way a historical year. With Brexit, the referendum in Italy, the American presidential elections. With an alternative media on the arise, which reaches more and more people by the day. The old political correctness are starting to break and more and more Europeans are speaking their mind. All this combined gives us a great opportunity to lead and influence all this people that now are searching for alternatives.

Populist- and nationalistic parties is on the arising as well, and several of the Alliance for Peace and Freedoms member parties are growing and expanding and this is a good indicator that people are ready for a real change in Europe.

During 2016 the Alliance for Peace and Freedom had a successful year with several great conferences, meetings, opening up a headquarter and much more. During the past year we have coordinated our efforts, we have helped and supported in any way possible, and this have got the attention from the establishment, with the European Parliament and the mainstream media. They have launched smear campaigns, lies and slanders against the APF in order to stop our successes and hinder us from reaching our full potential.

When the European Parliament didn’t see any other way then to recognize the APF as a European political party also for 2017, they have instead tried other ways to stop our activities. Even as we are following all the rules that we are obliged to, they are trying to bend the rules and stop the financial support to our party. With the lies and slanders from the media they mean that we are breaching the “European values”, which is of course not true. This whole spectacle is nothing more then political discrimination and undermining of the democratic procedures.

As they at this time are refusing us the financial support – even if they have recognized us, we have decided to take the European Parliament to court. Our team of lawyers are quite optimistic about our chances there, and feels that we have a strong cause, and I agree. I have gone over the so called “evidence” against the APF and it do not include and concrete evidence against us, only slanders, lies and exaggerations.

This means that during at least the first part of the year we are relying solely on membership fees, donations and book sales to finance our activities, and this is why it is most important, that you, who become a member before September last year, pay your membership fee for 2017 as soon as possible. It is still 60 euro for supporting members and 120 euro for Individual members.

The easiest way to pay your membership fee is to transfer it to our bank account, IBAN: BE27 7360 2176 7773 BIC: KREDBEBB. Do not forget to add your membership number or your name so we know what the payment is for. It is also possible to transfer the money to our paypal account:

I will keep you all updated about what is happening, and remember that we will continue our work no matter what happens in court.

Stay strong and with this l welcome you to another year within the Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

Kind regards
Stefan Jacobsson

Secretary General – Alliance for Peace and Freedom


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